What antisemitic Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell doesn’t want you to see

Further to my earlier post, Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell is an antisemitic prick, the following comments were deleted by Pepperell from his Facebook wall. It seems Councillor Pepperell is happy to express antisemitism but unwilling to face the criticism that results from it. What an arsehole.


Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell is an antisemitic prick

The following is a screenshot taken from the Facebook page of long-time Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell. In it, he promotes an undeniably antisemitic Youtube video created by right wing Christian antisemites.

Happily within 10 minutes the above comment was posted by someone, showing that others recognised how disgusting Pepperell’s posting was, but 32 minutes later he has yet to respond and the video is still up.

Pepperell fashions himself as somewhat of a ‘voice of the left’ on the Wellington City Council, to which he has been reelected several times. Antisemitism is clearly antithetical to everything that the left is supposed to stand for, and Pepperell is clearly promoting antisemitic ideas.

Bryan Pepperell can be found on Twitter here, on Facebook here or you can email him at bryan.pepperell@wcc.govt.nz. Why not let him know what you think of him? My thoughts are pretty clear – he’s an antisemitic arsehole.

Obama is a dickhead

US President Barack Obama says it is common sense to keep girls under the age of 17 from being able to buy a morning-after contraceptive pill off a pharmacy shelf.

Citing his own two daughters, Obama said: “I think most parents would probably feel the same way.”

Obama backs morning-after pill restrictions

What a dick.

Libertarians For Bestiality? Sir Bob Jones thinks that John Banks doesn’t like animal abuse enough to be in ACT

Generic rich prick and failed politician Sir Bob Jones in today’s Herald, quoted by failed politician and racist Deborah Coddington:

A libertarian does not believe it is his or anyone else’s business if you want to marry your horse. John Banks would say it is the State’s business, as indeed the State makes it, with the existing anti-bestial laws.

Jones was trying to explain why he thinks there should be a new libertarian political party by explaining the differences between libertarianism and the politics of John Banks, ACT’s only MP.

I suppose Jones thought ACT stood for the Animal Copulation Trust, or perhaps the Alliance of Creepy Turtlef*ckers.

Can I suggest the new party be called FREEDOM? After all, it would be based on a platform For Really Enjoying Every Domesticated Order of Mammals.

People believe in the darndest things

This is depressing as fuck, from Stuff.co.nz:

78 per cent believe Jesus was a real person who lived 2000 years ago.

61 per cent nationally believed in “a God or universal spirit” – 72 per cent of women and 52 per cent of men.

57per cent believe in life after death.

55 per cent think some people have psychic powers such as ESP.

33 per cent believe Earth has been visited by UFOs from other planets.

24 per cent think astrology can predict people’s futures.

Paul Henry is ruining my television

The news that bigoted failed politician Paul Henry is set to host the New Zealand version of Would I Lie To You, a brilliantly funny and clever BBC panel show, makes me grumpy. It’s one of my favourite shows on tv, and that arsehole is going to fucking ruin it.

I thought he was fucking off to Australia? I was quite looking forward to never seeing him on my tv screen again…

Anyway, ignore the local version, check out the British original on Youtube, every episode is up there. Magnificent.

Things that briefly relieve my grumpiness, John Banks edition (happy post 1 of 1, this will never happen again)

Sheer genius from LadyNews.Yes, both are genuine quotes from John Banks. The veracity of the Superman quotes cannot be verified at this time. Abortion quote courtesy of ALRANZ.

I think these two comics say almost everything that needs to be said about John Banks. Pity his launch into the sun wasn’t caught on some sort of surveillance camera though…