Richard Prosser, bigoted prick.

New MP Richard Prosser dreams of a New Zealand where compulsory military training has returned and the burqa is banned.

The Canterbury-based NZ First list MP has some controversial ideas, many of which he has voiced in his column in Investigate magazine.

He also stands by his call that New Zealand should follow France’s lead and ban the burqa – a move which had, he wrote, outraged “Muslims, leftists, commies, pinkos, the entire anti-white western civilisation brigade, along with their media toadies”.

NZ First parliament newbie won’t be shy

The return of Social Credit? He ran for them in the 2005 election, but obviously eventually realised that they’ve been all-but-dead since they split from the Alliance. Also, he has a column in Investigate. What’s next, Trevor Loudon joining the Conservative Party and being elected on their list in 2014? I fucking hope not.

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