Libertarians For Bestiality? Sir Bob Jones thinks that John Banks doesn’t like animal abuse enough to be in ACT

Generic rich prick and failed politician Sir Bob Jones in today’s Herald, quoted by failed politician and racist Deborah Coddington:

A libertarian does not believe it is his or anyone else’s business if you want to marry your horse. John Banks would say it is the State’s business, as indeed the State makes it, with the existing anti-bestial laws.

Jones was trying to explain why he thinks there should be a new libertarian political party by explaining the differences between libertarianism and the politics of John Banks, ACT’s only MP.

I suppose Jones thought ACT stood for the Animal Copulation Trust, or perhaps the Alliance of Creepy Turtlef*ckers.

Can I suggest the new party be called FREEDOM? After all, it would be based on a platform For Really Enjoying Every Domesticated Order of Mammals.


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