Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell is an antisemitic prick

The following is a screenshot taken from the Facebook page of long-time Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell. In it, he promotes an undeniably antisemitic Youtube video created by right wing Christian antisemites.

Happily within 10 minutes the above comment was posted by someone, showing that others recognised how disgusting Pepperell’s posting was, but 32 minutes later he has yet to respond and the video is still up.

Pepperell fashions himself as somewhat of a ‘voice of the left’ on the Wellington City Council, to which he has been reelected several times. Antisemitism is clearly antithetical to everything that the left is supposed to stand for, and Pepperell is clearly promoting antisemitic ideas.

Bryan Pepperell can be found on Twitter here, on Facebook here or you can email him at bryan.pepperell@wcc.govt.nz. Why not let him know what you think of him? My thoughts are pretty clear – he’s an antisemitic arsehole.


7 responses to “Wellington City Councillor Bryan Pepperell is an antisemitic prick

  1. And now he’s deleted the comment I captured in the screenshot above, while left a comment saying “LOL those bloody jews at it again” and Councillor Pepperell also ‘liked’ a comment that says ‘no need to get hystererical’ directed at the person who complained about the antisemitism.


    • Bryan has never achieved anything on council and is a total waste of space. Things like this just demonstrate how unsuitable he is to represent Wellingtonians.

      He really has to go. The Council is no place for people like him.

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  4. It is very sad that personal attacks from unnamed people are being made . Furthermore I am not antisemitic. Two people deleted me from their friends’ list after making posts on my page. If you want to make defamatory posts on any of my sites then you must allow me to reply on your page. Also your name is required as I will not respond to an unnamed person.

  5. What a load of hysterical, paranoid rubbish. As Shakespere wrote “Methinks the lady doth protest too much”.
    The World has become tired of whining about how any contrary Jewish opinion is labelled ‘anti-semitism’. I put it to you ‘Israel’ (that is, occupied Palestine) is a racist nation and it’s protagonists are a sad, neurotic mass of hypocrites.
    I know, having been there twice. Never again!! I have never before nor since been subjected to a bigger pack of arrogant, money-grabbing, ignorant mass of people. Their ‘Holy City’ is a farce. There is nothing sincere in their ‘welcome’, which I soon found to mean ‘You are US Dollars on legs… just leave it here & bugger-off’.
    How many more aeons are we expected to put up with ‘how the World hates the Jew?’
    So you wonder why everyone is tired of the same old rubbish?
    Get a grip & get on with a constructive life. God knows, this sort of crap is simply destructive…. but then, that’s only natural for some, isn’t it?

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