This blog is written by Young But Grumpy, aka YBG (surprisingly, this is not my real name). I’m in my 20s and constantly aware that I possess far too much cynicism and grumpiness for someone my age.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand, where I work in the public sector. I’m a coffee snob, I like music, politics and science, and I’m always keen for playstation, poker or pool. I love humanity, but unfortunately, I hate people.

This blog came from me deciding to combine my constant hatred of things with my infrequent posting of mock ‘open letters’ to people that annoyed me as Facebook status updates. I’m not sure how long it’ll last, we’ll just have to wait and see how long it takes me to start hating it too.

If you want to get in touch with me, the easiest way is to comment on the blog. Otherwise you can email me, though I can’t guarantee a speedy reply – youngbutgrumpy AT gmail DOT com

I’ve also decided to give this whole Twitter thing a try. You can find me on there at https://twitter.com/YoungButGrumpy


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